PWC Safety Training

Although a relatively new venture, the courses have been prepared by drawing upon years of experience and literally thousands of hours on the water.

We decided to develop these courses, as we wanted to make a PWC training course, that was informative, yet interesting, that could be studied over a longer period of time, rather than being placed in a classroom for 2-3 hours and not really learning much. We deceided to take a more modern approach and allow you to carry out the theory element at home, work, school etc. in your own time. This then allows you to complete your studies by making numerous visits so  that you don't have to try and learn everything in one session.

The initial idea was to design one all encompassing course, which quickly changed to numerous courses, as we decided that if you were only going to ski on lakes (confined water) etc, why did you need to know about things such as tides, and if you were going to ride on the sea (or open water) then you should experience some of these elements as part of your training.

The courses have been written by drawing on actual experience of the PWC, not a much larger craft. The courses themselves have been written from a blank canvas (not copied or adapted from something else) and being written and checked throughout the process, and structured in a way that allows them to be informative and educational yet interesting.

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