PWC Safety Training

The courses have taken nearly 12 months to develop, change and be re-arranged into their current format. We also decided to allow the courses to be dynamic, in that they are live on our web servers, therefore a change in legislation etc can be made quickly, and immediately be available to all students. Depending on the change made, all new students will obviously see the new version the instant it its released, yet the systems behind the course allow us to contact all students that have already taken the course, and advise them that a change has taken place, so they can revisit the site and review the new information.

Upon completion of each section, you will be provided with questions which allow you to understand what you have learned, once you reach the end you are provided with an examination which is taken online and is marked automatically the instant it is completed, and produces a certificate to say this has been done. This certificate is available for download or sent via email to your registered email address, and should be taken with you when visiting the training centre to complete the practical element.

The costs provide below are only advisory and have been provided as a guide, but confirmation should be sought from the chosen training centre regarding the practical element. Additional charges may apply if using a centre supplied PWC rather than your own, and some centres and courses will require launch fees to be paid which you will be responsible for.

PWC Safety Training

Confined Water - £15 theory, £30 practical, £10 annual fee = Initial Cost £55

Open Water - £35 theory, £70 practical, £10 annual fee = Initial Cost £115

Confined Water to Open Water Upgrade - £20 theory, £50 practical - annual fee already same as qualifying course = Initial Cost £70

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PWC Safety Training Instructors Course - If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please complete the enquiry form in the instructors area.

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